Mosquito Season When Do Mosquitoes Come Out

Mosquito Season: When Do Mosquitoes Come Out

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    Wondering when do mosquitoes come out? You might be surprised to know that mosquito season could already be here, depending on where you live. Yes, it’s true. Mosquitoes begin to get active when temperatures stay consistently at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

    What happens when temperatures rise?

    When the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes spring into action in two different ways.

    First, female mosquitoes that have been hibernating during the winter wake up from their deep slumber and emerge from their hiding spots in the ground.

    Second, the eggs that were laid in clusters of up to 300 in the fall, before the cold set in, start their journey to become adult mosquitoes.

    This transformation can happen quite rapidly, with some species completing it in just a few days, depending on the temperature. Generally, the warmer it is, the quicker this process occurs.

    Mosquitoes like moist and dark environments

    When does mosquito season start in each of the 5 zones?

    In the United States, mosquito season can kick off as early as February in the hottest regions or as late as May in the coldest areas.

    Mosquito season is typically divided into five zones.

    It’s important to note that the exact start of the season can vary from year to year, depending on when warm temperatures arrive and persist.

    Zone 1 – Early February

    This zone covers the southernmost parts of the U.S., such as the lower half of Texas, Florida, and areas of Louisiana near the Gulf of Mexico.

    Zone 2 – Early March

    This zone includes the rest of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, as well as neighboring states like South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arizona, and the southern regions of California, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

    Zone 3 – Early April

    This zone spans across the country to the northern part of California and includes states like Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, most of Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, the lower half of Illinois, Indiana, and parts of Ohio, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

    Zone 4 – Late April

    This region encompasses the southern two-thirds of Oregon, Wyoming, Iowa, the lower half of Idaho, most of Nebraska, the northern half of Illinois, Indiana, central and northern parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and more.

    It also includes parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, South Dakota, Michigan, and New York.

    Zone 5 – Early May

    This zone stretches across the northernmost part of the continental U.S., covering all states and areas not mentioned earlier.

    It includes Washington, Montana, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, the northern part of Oregon, the top half of Idaho, North Dakota, most of South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the remaining parts of Michigan, New York, and Connecticut.

    close window to stop mosquito from outside

    When is mosquito season in your state in the U.S.?

    For each specific state in the United States, there is a unique timeline for when mosquitoes become active.

    If you’re wondering about the specific timing of mosquito activity in your state, you can refer to the following information tailored to each state:

    When do mosquitoes come out in Wisconsin?

    Mosquitoes are active in Ohio during the warmest months, usually May through October. Mosquito activity will cease after the first hard frost in the fall. Click here to read the original resource.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Texas?

    Due to the climate in Texas, warm weather can extend even into the winter months, making the mosquito season in Texas last between February and November.

    Mosquito season in Texas lasts longer than in other states in the United States since the warm weather continues during the night, creating a perfect breeding ground.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Michigan?

    Mosquitoes in Michigan are typically active between late March and early November with peak season coming in early July. Many factors affect mosquito activity and population including average temperature and average rainfall.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Illinois?

    Here in Illinois, mosquito season begins in the spring, typically in April. This makes it important to start preparing for the mosquito-heavy months ahead, which will peak in the summer and linger through the autumn.

    sleep in a mosquito net to prevent mosquitoes

    When do mosquitoes come out in Arizona?

    When is Mosquito Season in Arizona? These annoying pests are most abundant during the hot summer months through early fall.

    However, most parts of Arizona have mosquitoes year-round due to temperatures failing to stay cold enough for a long enough period. Click here to read the original resource.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Ohio?

    Mosquitoes are active in Ohio during the warmest months, usually May through October. Mosquito activity will cease after the first hard frost in the fall.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Georgia?

    With Georgia’s warm climate, “mosquito season” generally lasts from March to October. However, the peak of mosquito activity is during the warm Summer months. Depending on rainfall and temperatures in a given year, mosquitos may become active at different times. Click here to read the original resource.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Massachusetts?

    Mosquitoes are most active in Massachusetts from June through August, usually through all summer. Click here to read the original resources.

    When do mosquitoes come out in Florida?

    With temperatures rising, parts of the southeast and Florida are seeing mosquito activity ramp up as early as February and March.

    When do mosquitoes come out in California?

    In Los Angeles County and the rest of Southern California, for example, mosquito season usually has its peak in July and goes until October.

    Do mosquitoes come out when it rains?

    Yes, mosquitoes can indeed come out when it rains. Rainfall can create favorable conditions for mosquito breeding and activity. Here’s how it works:

    • Standing water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. When it rains, puddles and pools of water can form, providing ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes. The female mosquitoes deposit their eggs in these water sources, and the larvae develop in the water.
    • Increased humidity: Rain often leads to increased humidity in the air, which mosquitoes find attractive. Higher humidity levels make it easier for mosquitoes to fly and seek out their hosts.
    • Temporary relief: Interestingly, mosquitoes may take a break from biting during heavy rain, as raindrops can make it challenging for them to fly and feed. However, once the rain subsides, and standing water remains, they can become more active than before, posing a higher nuisance.

    So, while rain might provide a reprieve from mosquito bites, it can also contribute to their proliferation if it creates breeding opportunities.

    It’s essential to take measures to reduce standing water around your home after rain to prevent mosquito breeding and protect yourself from their bites.

    Mosquitoes are most active at dusk

    What times are mosquitoes most active?

    However, the exact timing can vary based on geographic location, climate, and species of mosquitoes, so we can’t say the exact time when mosquitoes come out at night. In the United States, mosquitoes tend to come out at night during their most active periods, which are typically around dusk and dawn.


    Mosquitoes are generally most active during the early evening around dusk. As the sun sets, they start to emerge in search of a blood meal.

    This is a common time for outdoor activities to be interrupted by mosquito bites.


    Another peak activity time for mosquitoes is around dawn, just before sunrise. They become active again as the night transitions to daylight.

    This can also be a time when people are vulnerable to mosquito bites.

    Note: It’s important to note that mosquito activity can be influenced by local environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity.

    Additionally, some mosquito species are more active at night than others. Therefore, the specific times when mosquitoes come out at night can vary from one region to another.

    using mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes

    How can you protect yourself against a mosquito bite?

    To minimize mosquito exposure during these times, using mosquito repellents, wearing protective clothing, and using mosquito nets can be effective preventive measures, especially when spending time outdoors during the evening and early morning hours.

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